Where bacon doesn’t come from

What is it with kid’s classics misinforming? (Example: Curious George, who has no tail, is not a monkey, curious or otherwise.)

Tonight, we were watching Adam Sandler in Bedtime Stories (don’t ask). The movie’s two main child characters have never had bacon. Sandler’s character tells them that it comes from next to a pig’s butt.

Um, no (see figure A).

4 thoughts on “Where bacon doesn’t come from”

  1. I am sacking your blog with random comments!!!!

    Seriously…depends on your frame of reference. Many folks in the BBQ world cure a pork butt to make Buckboard Bacon and swear they would not go back to pork belly. Of course there is always the infamous Canadian Bacon which is made from the loin. Finally I have seen what I believe was called an English Bacon that consisted of a pork belly wrapped around a cured picnic ham.

    Just being contrary.

  2. Thanks for stopping by and reading!

    And while you are right that there are many different kinds of "bacon" (we've been buying picnic bacon lately, made from the shoulder), this was an Adam Sandler movie. And, despite his Thomas Keller-esq role in Spanglish, his usual audience suggests the script could not have been referring to anything but traditional belly bacon.

  3. Okay, I'll give you that…but I can't help being contrary again….

    Your butt label is pointing at the ham, not the butt (shoulder). I bet you thought you wouldn't have to deal with more editors after you left work!

    Just being ornery, please keep posting.

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