About Nick

Nick does a lot of things.

He’s been a zine collector, a food writer and a personal lube pitchman.

Currently, he is a proud public servant who spends a lot of time on public and community relations. He has a terrific kid and wife, who are both smart and surprisingly patient. He enjoys running and hiking, which he finds odd because he hated those things as a kid.

In the past, Nick has been a certified roller-derby referee, lived in Alaska and had a mohawk. He’s a lot more boring now, but still cusses, which some study he read on the internet says means he’s smarter.

He believes we should lower barriers for the disadvantaged, everyone has a right to access justice, the free press should be protected and free expression is important; and gives towards those who work in those areas.

You can email him at nick@bergus.org or call or text him at (319) 541-7258.