Templeton Rye bottling

Sam and I have been debating industrial food processing and how much companies have a responsibility for transparency over on his blog lately. Here’s a nice video from Iowa’s own Templeton Rye (one of my new favorite things, by the way) showing their bottling process. And there are many more videos documenting the process of making the whiskey.

I’m surprised by how much handling by real actual people each bottle gets.

2 thoughts on “Templeton Rye bottling”

  1. I would like to point out that nowhere on the Templeton Rye website do they list what they put in their Rye (other than the “finest grains,” which also happens to be the ingredients of Budwieser), and there are no videos of them filling the fermentation vats.

    I don’t think they should show these things, in fact I think that lack of clarity is important in the free market, it’s why one company makes the best product and the other companies don’t.

  2. The ingredients of a rye whiskey are pretty well restricted legally (though admittedly their origins and qualities are not).

    I don’t want to get on too much a economic tangent but I would think that the ability to make an informed choice is pretty vital to a free market.

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