Sunday night supermarket trip

The woman in front of me at the supermarket at 11 on Sunday night was buying:

  • a copy of Marie Clair
  • a copy of Glamour
  • precooked boneless chicken wings
  • Rockstar roasted latte energy drink

Sounds like a great night.

4 thoughts on “Sunday night supermarket trip”

  1. Cheez-Its and a pint of Ben & Jerry's. I would also have had some cheap beer if they'd had options better than Busch and Miller Lite.

  2. It’s “an amazing mix of the finest espresso coffee, fresh milk and cream packed with the powerful blend of Original Rockstar,” duh.

    Since the “Roasted” line comes in three coffee-related flavors, I can only assume it is called “roasted latte” to differentiate it from “raw, green-coffee-bean latte.” Which just sounds refreshingly delicious.

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