This is Why You’re Fat

The Internet can take us to many great places and show us so many great foods, more than any single blog can feature. At least until now. Enter This is Why You’re Fat, which features food after fat-loaded food. You know, the kind that show up on Digg and in The New York Times and, occasionally, here.

It’s the honoring of — and the electronic lusting after — such foods that makes them ever so slightly more acceptable to consume. Not that anyone regularly eats a deep-fried Twinky on a stick dipped in chocolate syrup, or a seven-pound breakfast burrito or a mega stack of Double Stuff Oreo. But enough people are constantly trolling for salty, greasy crap to shovel (me included) that deep dish pizza vending machines make economic sense.

This theory is akin to Suicide Food’s notion that by showing more animals who are happy to be eaten we are desensitized to the fact that we’re eating animals, and ones often ill treated at that.