The Farm Bill, take 2 (and Michael Pollan, take 3)

OK, seriously, this is not the Michael Pollan blog. But I read (and abstracted) his Sunday New York Times op-ed on the farm bill. It’s a good, passionately written primer on the bill and worth a look from any one who eats. That, I assume, would be you.

For another look, check out Michael Grunwald’s take, ‘Down on the Farm,’ in Time. He points out how rediculous our subsidy system is when “it redistributes our taxes to millionaire farmers as well as to millionaire “farmers” like David Letterman, David Rockefeller and the owners of the Utah Jazz.”

On a related note, it speaks to the sad state of journalism — let alone food journalism — in Iowa that we’re getting scooped by a former New Yorker living in Berkley and a guy from Washington, D.C.