“I want my grandchildren to go to the No. 1 high school in the state, not the 139th.”

Erin Jordan and Alejandro Rojas in The Gazette:

Many parents are mad the Iowa City Community School District is closing its elementary school in Hills, but that doesn’t mean they want to send their kids to a lower-ranking district instead.

Sen. Dawn Driscoll, R-Williamsburg, and Rep. Heather Hora, R-Washington, met with the Hills City Council last week to talk about the possibility of changing school boundaries to move Hills students to the Lone Tree Community School District instead.

Iowa Republicans, including Driscoll and Hora, continue to defund public education in Iowa, where the past decade has seen state funding fail to keep up with inflation, leading to building and program closures.

The solution Republicans are offering: move your school to a shittier district that doesn’t guarantee it could keep the building open, either.