2021 Letter

Last year, Laura and I started writing a brief letter to include with our donations (we focus on local organizations helping people and prefer those led by and serving people of color and women). This was our letter for 2021.

We hope this finds you well. 

Like many, we’ve found ourselves to be reflective as we near a second year of a pandemic that has killed more than five people million throughout the world and, officially as of this letter, 101 of our neighbors here in Johnson County.

While this has been difficult, know the unfortunate truth is that, for many, the struggle existed long before it was laid bare for us all to see. And while we’ve seen unprecedented resources made available during the pandemic, more people have been left behind as the gap widens between the affluent and the marginalized.

Building true community safety is possible here, and it will require making sure that the needs of the people who live here are met. We hope your work, and your collaboration with others across our community, can help provide the safety, security, and stability every human deserves.  

Thank you for all the incredible work you do in our community.