Big Press Conference at the Four Seasons

I can’t get over this photo of the Trump campaign’s press conference at the Four Seasons Total Landscaping in Philadelphia.

Donald John Trump owns (heavily leveraged) real estate and, presumably, has connections with folks who have, well, nicer options.

Donald John Trump has tastes that run so far past upscale to gaudy that he launched his first campaign on a golden escalator.

Donald John Trump illegally held political events, including his nomination acceptance speech, at the White House which, after four years, still conveys seriousness, authority and power.

But, no, his “legal team” is holding a slap-dash (look at that mess of power cords and microphone cables in the lower left corner) press conference at the Four Seasons Total Landscaping offices.

I mean, how does this happen? Even knowing that Donald John Trump has shown total disinterest in planning anything, HOW DOES THIS HAPPEN?

I’m particularly tickled by this setup because, when my wife ran for Iowa City city council, our friend Sean let us use his space at his landscaping place to build her homecoming parade float.

But in her case it wasn’t in desperation. And she won.

Seriously. I can’t get over this photo.