News Metaphors: The moon, KFC and the church

The pull of the moon
Carmen K. Sisson’s Lost and found in Biloxi

That might have been the end of my career, but journalism is the moon to my tide, the lure I can’t quite break.

KFC and RCA and YMCA and others
In reference to National Public Radio changing its name to NPR
Chris Amico on Twitter

NPR is KFCing itself

Slate on Twitter

NPR is the new KFC

Nieman Journalism Lab on Twitter


Ken Doctor in Weigel and Nasr “Sins” Put the Church of High Integrity on Trial

Now, each Sunday, it seems, there fewer congregants in the church. There’s a strange information promiscuity sweeping the land. In fact, down the street, revivalists – in the case of the Post, – are setting up tents from coast to coast to draw some of those who have left the mainstream news faith.

The High Church of Integrity is challenged. Its doctrines and dogma are being challenged by those who believe a more contemporary set of principles and practices can replace the received wisdom. Let’s call it the new approach a Society of Friends, with tips both to the Quaker collaborative style and to the Facebook era.