Metaphors: Greek tragedy, the French Revolution and wild boars

Wild boars or something; I mean, you don’t want to die with your dick hanging out, do you see what I’m saying?
Primary Colors

The French Revolution
John McQuaid, on Twitter (here, here and here)

When I say “citizen journalism” has a French Revolution vibe, I mean a couple of things (1/3)

Citizen journalism/French Revolution I: CJ reflects a chaotic, democratic power shift as old, monolithic institutions fade (2/3)

Citizen journalism/French Revolution II: the (overblown) fear in the 4th Estate that angry mobs of “citizens” will destroy journalism 3/3

Greek tragedy
Steve Yelvington, on Twitter

Strangling your own website: When the parent sees the child as a threat, the stage is set for a Greek tragedy.

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