Metaphors: Ford Motor Company, burning raft, John Huges’ loving teen

Raft on fire!
Jason Fry’s Reactions to Nieman, Part 2

…the print-centric business model is a burning raft — and when you’re on a burning raft, you have to plan differently.

Geir Stene’s Media business revenues are dropping so might your Company’s!

The challenges are huge and concern all of us. Rapid changes are hard to handle. I put an image of a car with this blog posting. What does that have to do with the media industry? Henry Ford’s introduction of the automated assembly line changed the car industry.

A teen who thinks Ferris Bueller’s Day Off is all about him
Megan Garber’s “The Washington Post, Angsty Teenager” in the Columbia Journalism Review.

Reading the text of The Washington Post’s new guidelines for its staff’s use of Facebook, Twitter, and the like, I couldn’t help but think of…John Hughes. Almost every movie the director ever made revolves, in its way, around an axis of insecurity, its key characters so preoccupied with what other people think of them that they risk losing themselves in the angsty inertia of it all—until, by way of an hour or so of zany events, they come to realize that the most noble thing they can be is, of course, themselves.