On holiday: Philadelphia wish list

I’m off to my native Philadelphia this weekend. I am really looking forward to eating a real cheesesteak. And scrapple. And maybe a soft pretzel. Sam told me I should try an Italian pork sandwich.

What else can I not afford to miss?

4 thoughts on “On holiday: Philadelphia wish list”

  1. It’s more a NJ thing but I’d still seek out a pork roll, egg and cheese sammich for breakfast at least one day.

  2. I should mention that suggesting WHERE is just about as important as suggesting WHAT.

  3. It looks like you can get Italian pork sandwiches around our favorite spot, the Reading Terminal Market.

    Maybe you should also absorb some national history while you’re in the cradle of our government.

  4. I hear Reading Terminal Market is in shambles these days, but that might be a good reason to visit it. Also, I do not have time for national history.

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