Des Moines dilemma

Have I mentioned I’m going to this Cochon 555 deal tomorrow? Oh, I have? Twice?

Whatever. The deal starts at 3:30 in the afternoon with wine and pork and continues with wine and pork until 7:30. Five entire pigs for about 200 people, I’m told, will be served.

Anyway, I’m having a real first-world dilemma: do I skip breakfast and lunch for this thing or what?

(And depending on wifi connectivity, I’ll try to do the blow by painful blow. Maybe here, maybe on Twitter.)

2 thoughts on “Des Moines dilemma”

  1. Only had black coffee for breakfast, but Laura made a nice tuna salad for lunch, so now, I fear, I’m fuller than I should be.

    But I did eat a sandwich an hour before I went to Trio because I was ravenous. I swear it made the following meal more enjoyable.

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