America’s Test Kitchen “grilling panel”

Some how I signed up to test recipes for America’s Test Kitchen, the publishers of Cook’s Illustrated, perhaps the best recipe magazine in existence. While I never actually manage to get around to testing the recipes, I would if I could. Really, I keep meaning to. Really.

Now they’re looking for people to form a “grilling panel” which might means grilling in the middle of winter. Never a bad thing to have an excuse to do. I’ll probably sign up for that, too, and, again, never get around to actually grilling.

The e-mail:

We’re starting a special grilling panel, and we need your help!  Because we test recipes six months before they are printed in the magazines, we sometimes ask our recipe testers to buy produce off-season or grill outdoors when it’s the middle of winter.  We want to create a new panel to which recipes that require grilling will be sent.

If you live in a climate that is conducive to grilling year ‘round and would like to join this panel, please fill out this survey.  You’ll still receive recipes from the magazine that you currently test for, along with the additional grilling recipes.

Might as well give it a try. Nothing to lose besides buying expensive out-of-season ingredients and using possibly incomplete and faulty recipes.

Apparently you’ll have to lie if you live in Iowa and want the recipes.

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