La Quercia unboxing (La Quercia, part 4)

My birthday is on Monday and look what happened to show up today: a perishable birthday present from Laura and Sam. Hmm, what could it be? (I figure that if techies can post photo sets of them unboxing their new toys, I can post photos of me opening pig meat.)

It seems to be from La Quercia. There’s only one thing that I know they sell.

Salted pig. Very delicious salted pig.

A pound each of three different kinds.

Their original specialty, prosciutto Americano: salty and ever so slightly sweet.

Speck, a lightly smoked prosciutto.

Prosciutto piccante, sort of like spice speck but not quite.

Cutting it open.

Getting ready to pop some in my mouth.

It was delicious and I still have a lot left.

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