Four cheeses, three meats

These are the kinds of meals I love: some charcuterie, good cheese and olives. Simple and fatty. Cheap, decent wine doesn’t hurt, either. Throw in some crusty bread and a salad (with beef tenderloin carpaccio, even) and it even seems like legit dinner.

For those curious, you see a black truffle mousse (often improperly called a pâté), sopressata and dry Italian salame, mixed Greek olives, a truffled cheese, Roquefort, a manchego-style sheepsmilk cheese and  Cypress Grove’s Purple Haze chevre.

One thought on “Four cheeses, three meats”

  1. After spending about 10 minutes catching up on your blog I want to point out it’s affect on me:

    Extreme hunger.

    Your words, literally, make me salivate. (Despite the half bowl of pesto pasta I just downed.)

    Thanks for nothing. :)

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