Slaugther video

In the multimedia package I produced for my master’s, there’s a video of me killing a pig. It’s too long and pretty anticlimactic, but what’s interesting to me is, while I stand behind what I wrote, how different it is from the text about the same incident (which originally appeared on this blog). I wrote the piece as soon as I got home but didn’t edit the video for a few weeks.

On another note, it’s disappointing ā€” though not surprising ā€” that lots of meat eaters refuse to watch the slaughter. If you have issues watching a video, which you can start and stop at your leisure, in the privacy of your own home, you should probably rethink the whole eating dead animals thing.

I know some might find it vomit-inducing, but death is part of the bargain, right?

5 thoughts on “Slaugther video”

  1. I think of myself more as a carrion eater. Everything I east is already dead.

  2. I watched the pig killing video.

    Doug was really patient. I’m almost as impressed with him as I am with you.

  3. I’ve seen it. After the first couple shudders, it’s really not that bothersome. That’s why Arthur Penn drew out that scene of shooting up Bonnie and Clyde. The actual dying takes a long time.

  4. We all have our weaknesses, Anonymous. Mine is using a gun, while yours seems to be spelling, grammar and punctuation.

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