Augusta in Oxford

Two guys who left New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina made life there unbearable, Scott Attias and Ben Halperin, have opened a restaurant called Augusta (after the street it’s on) in Oxford, Iowa. I have heard good things in the week and a half since it opened.

My friend Emily Grosvenor wrote a nice story about the latest piece — well, the only piece — of the Oxford dining scene. My impression is that it’s going for the same type of business and atmosphere as Mount Vernon’s Lincoln Café (locally focused food in a restaurant that they hope becomes “ a destination — but also be a place locals can come to for good food,” as Scott, a former co-worker of mine, told Emily) .

Good luck to them.

2 thoughts on “Augusta in Oxford”

  1. Grand Opening for The Augusta in Oxford, IA was a packed house. Our family enjoyed a wonderful atmosphere and great and speedy service. The food was absolutely outstanding – no salt or pepper necessary! If you’re looking for a great evening out, get to The Augusta. You’ll dream of going back to eat again and again!

  2. do you and laura want to go eat there soon? i promise i will try to not make your daughter cry.

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