Poverty’s paradox: obesity and malnutrition

Obesity and malnourishment may seem mutually exclusive, but, in America, they’re not. And, a recent study found, public assistance programs like food stamps and WIC may be contributing to obesity while trying to alleviate malnourishment.

This contradicts another study released recently, also by the USDA, this one an official government study.

Here is about 6 minutes of audio, which follows up on an earlier post, with the director of the local Women, Infants and Children clinic, Nadine Fisher.

This just strengthens what Michael Ruhlman writes in a somewhat rambling post about a Cleveland Plain Dealer story that found higher prices at farmers’ markets than at grocery stores:

Until local hand grown produce and meat are available to everyone, and not just to those who can pay boutique prices, America’s so-called food revolution will not be complete.